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Saffehanda focus on supply of power generator equipment and ship equipment,providing users with safe and reliable equipment,innovative technology and product solutions.The main business of product business includes power generator equipment,production and service of ship accessories,main products include ship propulsion engine,marine diesel engine,marine generatoe set,marine parts,engine parts,land open type generator set,silent type generator set,mobile trailer generator set,container generator set,mobile lighting tower,diesel pumps,ultra silent generator set,freezer refrigeration generator set,signal  tower base station power,hybrid power silent type generator set,wind & solar and diesel hybird power generation system,gas generator set,power station construction,land engine,marine engine,agricultural equipment engineering engine,stationary power construction.

Saffehanda will take the management idea "We only want to do better"into production to detail quality,continuously improve products and technology,providing customers safe and reliable quality products and services.Since the first generator set was off to now,we have been working hard to improve econcmical value of the products,constantly improve and expand sales and service network at the same time to meet increasing market demands.

The following is brief introduction of the product categories,if you need more information,please click on the product page.

Marine Equipments 


Land Power Generation Equipments


Diesel Engines


Engine:  Cuminns,Weichai,Deutz,Styer,Huafeng

Alternator: Stamford,Marathon,Orchid,Siemens,ABB

Power range: Diesel gensts  10KW-2000KW                


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